Monday, 17 June 2013

Imaginative Play Stick Fairy Wand

With the sticks we collected on a countryside walk we made some fairy wands for some creative play and fairy magic in the garden.

Simply sticks and glitter star stickers and you're ready to be a fairy.

  We re-enacted Cinderella, then the girls created their own games of fairies and Chick did some story telling about what the fairies were up to.  

They also spent lots of time turning their baby brother into a frog then into a prince then back into a frog!

He meanwhile just enjoyed playing with the sticks!

A great accessory for sparking off loads of imaginative and creative play.  Since making them they've now been added to their dressing up box and are often got out with the fairy outfits and wings.


  1. Would it be OK for me to add your blog to a post that I'm writing about UK Christian home educators?

    1. Sure no probs. Thanks for including us. Ellie


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